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sash window secondary glazing

Warmer, Quieter Sash Windows

We specialise in making wooden secondary glazing for traditional sash and casement windows. Our secondary glazing is specifically designed to look like part of the existing window frame. It reduces noise and heat loss, whist retaining the traditional character and style of the original window.

Our wooden secondary glazing is fitted over your existing window, on the inside, creating an extra layer of protection against noise and heat loss.

A Quieter Nights’ Sleep

The air gap created between the outside pane of glass and the secondary inside pane helps reduce low frequency noises (e.g. trucks and trains). The acoustic glass reduces high frequency noise (e.g. noisy traffic, seagull screeching and people talking).

Our wooden secondary glazing has a draught proof system that will stop cold draughts coming through the window. It also reduces radiated heat loss (heat lost directly through the glass), meaning you’ll save money on your heating bills and feel warmer during the colder winter months.

bespoke secondary glazing

wooden secondary glazing

Bespoke craftsmanship

All our wooden secondary glazing is individually designed and handmade to order. This ensures the secondary glazing fits your windows perfectly, so that you get the highest level of insulation and soundproofing possible, whilst achieving a discreet, stylish fit.

We guarantee all our secondary glazing for 8 years. In the unlikely event that anything should go wrong we will correct the problem free of charge; giving you the reassurance that you have invested in a high quality product that will look good and last for many years.

Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas

Our wooden secondary glazing is specifically designed to look like part of the original window frame. The existing window remains unaltered and the traditional features are retained.

If required, the secondary glazing can be removed, with no impact to the original window other than filling in a couple of screw holes and minor redecoration. This means our wooden secondary glazing is ideal for use in listed buildings and conservation areas.

timber secondary glazing

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