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Wooden Secondary Glazing

Acoustic Windows Ltd are specialists in wooden secondary glazing for sash windows.

About Us

We specialise in making wooden secondary glazing for traditional casement and sash windows. Our secondary glazing service is specifically designed to look like part of the existing window frame and our designs retain the traditional character and style of the original window.

Our bespoke secondary glazing is fitted over your existing window, on the inside, creating an extra layer of protection against noise and heat loss and our secondary glazing can provide the benefits of modern glazing solutions, including increased energy efficiency and draught prevention.

For wooden secondary glazing please call on 01903 649183

sash window secondary glazing

wooden secondary glazing

Solid Timber Secondary Glazing

The air gap created between the outside pane of glass and the secondary inside pane helps reduce low frequency noises (e.g. trucks and trains). The acoustic glass reduces high frequency noise (e.g. noisy traffic, seagull screeching and people talking).

Our wooden secondary glazing has a draught proof system that will stop cold draughts coming through the window. It also reduces radiated heat loss (heat lost directly through the glass), meaning you’ll save money on your heating bills and feel warmer during the colder winter months.

bespoke secondary glazing

Bespoke Secondary Glazing Craftsmanship

All our wooden secondary glazing is individually designed and handmade to order. This ensures the secondary glazing fits your windows perfectly, so that you get the highest level of insulation and soundproofing possible, whilst achieving a discreet, stylish fit.

We guarantee all our wooden secondary glazing for 8 years. In the unlikely event that anything should go wrong we will correct the problem free of charge; giving you the reassurance that you have invested in a high quality product that will look good and last for many years.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

The vertical slider is designed to copy the way your existing sash windows work. You simply slide the vertical sliders up and down to open and access the sash window behind and both sash windows in our vertical slider can slide past each other, which makes it really easy to clean the window and the area behind the secondary glazing.

A customer asked us to install wooden secondary glazing to help reduce the noise. When we spoke to them a few weeks later, they told us that the noise coming through their window was dramatically quieter now.

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

Our horizontal secondary glazing slider is ideal for use with casement windows. You simply slide the sashes left and right to open and access the window behind.

A customer asked us to install wooden secondary glazing to stop the cold draughts and help make their lounge more warmer. They were really pleased with how much warmer the room was and their sash window secondary glazing blends in with the window completely.

Lift-Off Secondary Glazing

Our lift-off secondary glazing is designed for windows that do not open or that aren’t used very often. It can be removed to allow you to clean the window behind, but remains fixed in place the majority of the time.

A customer who’s office window overlooks a road told us the noise from the road was “driving him mad”. They chose lift-off secondary glazing because they rarely opens the window. They were extremely pleased with the amount of sound reduction achieved.

Please send us a message if you would like a free quote.

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